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Accounts Payable workflows that speed up invoice processing

Invoices getting stuck somewhere in the approval process? Missing payment deadlines? Accelerate your invoice processing with DocuWare. Gain more efficiency through secure, automated workflows and seamless collaboration.
✔Audit-proof archiving
✔Quick approval workflows based on your business rules
✔Full control and transparency


A single source of truth for all invoices 

Upload invoices to DocuWare for automatic data extraction and processing without delay. Whether paper, email or XML: all invoice formats are stored in DocuWare, protected against loss and the solution can enforce your business rules and policies to help you comply with legal requirements. 



Save time with straight-through approvals

Use dynamic workflows to assign, review and approve invoices and send them directly to your accounting system. This eliminates long wait times and ensures fast, error-free payments. 


All booking documents are right at your fingertips  

Find invoices and associated documents instantly using index data or full text search. Or even better: via keyboard shortcuts from any program. DocuWare gives you an instant, updated status of all pending or backlogged invoices.


Minimize manual data entry

Invoice capture has never been easier. DocuWare automatically extracts all relevant information such as company, amounts and item data. Manual typing and transferring of data are now a thing of the past. 

Avoid extra work and incorrect payments

Before an invoice goes through the approval process, data validation takes place in the background. Human intervention is only required if errors are detected. These could be duplicates, miscalculations or invoices from suppliers that are not in the system.  

Accelerate cash flow 

No matter how many people are involved in an invoice process: automated workflows, reminders and mobile access ensure smooth operation without any backlogs. The automatic invoice matching with other data and documents, such as purchase orders and delivery notes, also optimizes cash flow.


Seamless interaction with your financial accounting

DocuWare makes it easy to associate an invoice with an account and transfer the complete booking data to your ERP or accounting system — for maximum accuracy instead of time-consuming duplicate data entry. You can also automatically forward invoices to external third parties for posting. 

Full control of all invoices in circulation

Which invoices are outstanding? Where do adjustments need to be made? Quickly resolve accounting issues, receive automated status updates and access the invoices and other documents you need at the touch of a button – anytime, directly from your ERP or accounting software. 

Secure, compliant archiving

DocuWare enables you to comply with legal and audit standards while saving time and effort. All invoices are stored securely, documented completely and protected from loss and tampering. Stop searching and stressing to locate documents. Find digital invoices instantly and deliver as an organized archive that is only accessible to authorized users.